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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Storm School And How To Use It My Way + The History

The storm school is amazing. How? One fact is that storm is its own feint by that i mean it does a lot of damage with out a feint. So you should cast a feint to kill a boss if you'r storm but if your trying to do high damge i would recomend it.                              History                                                                                Before time as we know it, there existed the Tritons. They shared the universe with the Dragons and Giants. The Tritons ruled the seas and kept peace in the world, that is until the Dragons and Giants began to scheme. When the attack happened, the Tritons were ready. They refused to fully destroy their enemy and so, fell into slumber as their price for mercy. Today, the Storm elements still exist. Even now more potent Strom Magic holds Storm Magic hold Fire and Ice at bay...       Under the guidance of Professor Halston Balstrom, great reforms have been made, formalizing many spells. The colors chosen for Diviner's are purple and yellow, while the Amethyst has been adopted as the gemstone.                        The End

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